Artist Statement - photodiscoveries

A camera is an artistic enigma. Some say a photograph is not art...That a camera can only capture what is already there. And they are right.

The difference is what the artist helps the camera see...All artists see things others do not...that is what makes them artists. Yet the photographer is limited like no other artistic form...the photographer must capture what is actually there...the photographer does not have the freedom to capture only a part of reality...the photographer cannot take a picture home and then recreate a fictional account of reality...the photographer cannot add fictional parts from their imagination to another scene.

And that is my present reality in a way that is not seen by many, to allow the mundane to became amazing, to allow real light to play on the senses, to allow small, often forgotten things to become so very real.

I present my photography in unique ways. Most are accustomed to a photograph framed, matted and behind glass. I do that, and you can order those from this web site.

I also create my photography on large aluminum panels, on stretched gallery wrapped canvases, on small mosaic tiles, on glass panels. All of these create a unique vision for the viewer and a unique medium for photography. Please contact me for style, available sizes for a particular print and pricing.

My hope...that you enjoy experiencing my photography as much as I enjoy creating it.

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