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John Huenink holds an art degree in dimensional art from Carroll Univrtsity in Waukesha, WI. After co-founding an advertising agency that grew to a staff of over 60, he opened one of the first video animation studios in the US. Other careers included new product development for an international medical company, opening the first personal computer store in Wisconsin, starting an early internet development company, and developing a log home dealership.

At the age of 60, Huenink entered the ministry, and served as pastor of a United Methodist Church for 5 years before “retiring.” He now provides pulpit supply for area churches, volunteers at an area nursing home with two services every week, displays his work at the Discovery Center, a local art co-op, and takes lots of pictures...

Huenink began his art career as a painter and metal sculptor, then expanded his media experimentation into wildlife and free form wood carving (he holds a number of blue ribbons in carving in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.) He is a photographer, painter, poet, wood worker, furniture builder, and glass blower.

Huenink has taken pictures of the world around him for many years. He is convinced that beauty and unique views of life surround all of us, but that most of the time we do not take the time to see... When we view our surroundings through the lens of a camera, we see nature in the raw, but more importantly, we see life lessons about ourselves in almost every shot. you can read some of his philosophy as you read the captions on many of his photos. Some tell a story, some educate and some philosophize...His camera travels with him most everywhere.

John, and Susan, his wife, are retired and live on the Kalamazoo River near Saugatuck Michigan.

The images speak for themselves. He hopes you enjoy them as much he enjoyed taking them.

These original photographs are a unique way to share in the work of this “Renaissance Man.”

Huenink is available for special assignments, lessons, presentations to groups of all types and nature oriented assignments. Just send him an

He does not do weddings.

Artist Statement


A camera is an artistic enigma. Some say a photograph is not art...That a camera can only capture what is already there. And they are right.

The difference is what the artist helps the camera see...All artists see things others do not...that is what makes them artists. Yet the photographer is limited like no other artistic form...the photographer must capture what is actually there...the photographer does not have the freedom to capture only a part of reality...the photographer cannot take a picture home and then recreate a fictional account of reality...the photographer cannot add fictional parts from their imagination to another scene.

And that is my present reality in a way that is not seen by many, to allow the mundane to became amazing, to allow real light to play on the senses, to allow small, often forgotten things to become so very real.

I present my photography in unique ways. Most are accustomed to a photograph framed, matted and behind glass.

I do that, and you can order those from this web site. I also create my photography on large aluminum panels, on stretched gallery wrapped canvases, on small mosaic tiles, on glass panels. All of these create a unique vision for the viewer and a unique medium for photography. Please contact me for style, available sizes for a particular print and pricing.

My hope...that you enjoy experiencing my photography as much as I enjoy creating it.

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